Get fast and secure payment solutions that work for your business.

Spot was the first in this industry to provide integrated credit card processing to point of sale. Technology has changed a lot since our first integration back in 1996. Today we offer integrated payments powered by Clearent so that your customers can pay with all card types in all ways.

  • Credit card machines that accept swipe cards, EMV chip cards and contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet
  • Simple use and installation - The latest security technology including Encryption, Tokenization, and PCI Validation
  • Online, easy-to-read statements
  • 24/7 friends, reliable customer support

Clearent is a payment solution provider that offers transparent pricing and reliable, U.S. based customer support.


Offer Subscription cleaning services to grow your business

  • Provide recurring revenue for your business
  • Support weekly or monthly customer billing cycles
  • Bag or per pound subscription options
  • Automatic renewal and credit card billing
  • Capture revenue from a new type of customers

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