Learn about Spot’s best practices!

The Spot Expert Hour is a weekly webinar, presented by the Xplor Spot Customer Success team! The team brings a wealth of industry and product knowledge. Join them to learn about Spot’s best practices, get advice on how to deploy a new feature, or ask that nagging question that you haven’t quite been able to get an answer to.

Mondays: 11am - 12pm MT

Wednesdays: 7am - 8am MT

Fridays: 11am - 12pm MT

Meet the experts

Nicole Kirby

Director Customer Success

Nicole Kirby has over 20 years of experience in the Dry Cleaning Industry. Nicole has worked in many different areas of the industry and has truly become an expert. Nicole started with Spot back in 2004 as an implementation specialist. This job allowed her to visit hundreds of Dry Cleaning operations around the world. In 2010 she joined the Customer Success team, where she used her combined industry and software knowledge to help customers succeed.

Tammy Miller

Customer Success Manager

Tammy Miller has spent 26 years working for a large cleaner in Columbus, Ohio as a SPOT user prior to joining the implementation team at Spot back in 2018. Tammy is now a part of the Customer Success team and her goal is to continue to assist customers in achieving their business goals.

Kim Weller

Customer Success Manager

Kim Weller has spent over two decades in the dry cleaning industry. After selling her last store in 2022, Kim joined the Customer Success team at Spot.  She truly has a passion for the industry and her goal is to make dry cleaner’s lives easier.

Graeson Thorpe

Customer Success Specialist

Graeson Thorpe has always had an interest in technology and has been an avid hobbyist his whole life. Since joining Spot in 2021, Spot has provided him with the experience, knowledge, and encouragement which has allowed him to transition into the Customer Success team.