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RouteTrac Mobile

The must have features, compatible with iOS and Android platforms

RouteTrac Mobile is designed to remove the paper manifest and provide your company with route driver accountability and detailed reporting using the integrated real time Route Manager.


See what is happening with your drivers and customers in real time

Your driver will start a route by logging into a device and complete the route by logging out of the device. In between the start and and end the of the route the Route Manager will gather the following information:

  • Start and end time stamp of the route
  • What vehicle is being used
  • What route is being processed
  • Start and end miles of the delivery vehicle/Total miles driven for route
  • Number of stops to be made/Number of stops made
  • Number of orders delivered
  • Number of bags picked up
  • Customer details with address, items delivered, bags picked up
  • GPS coordinates when the customer order is scanned
  • Orders delivered to the incorrect customer
  • Bags picked up that do not have a current order detailed

You can also compare the routes manifest with orders delivered to verify the manifest was completed properly. All this information is gathered and calculated with a simple scan of an order at delivery or a bag at pickup by your route driver.

Zubie Integration Features

Vehicle Location Tracking

Vehicle Health

Driver Perfomance and Scorecard

Simple Per Vehicle Device

Full Zubie Console Access