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Customer Service

CRM (Customer Relations Manager)

SPOT created CRM (Customer Relations Manager) to assist in simplifying the tracking and printing of conversations, email and report corespondents. Each of your customers has a "CRM" tab available located on the customer view screen. This tab is accessible with user security and has options to track and print the following types of customer correspondence:

  • Phone Conversations
  • Messages left on voice mail and a live person
  • Initial customer contact
  • New customer follow ups
  • Conversation notes with customers in person
  • Email for overdue orders, thank you, welcome and others
  • Letters for overdue orders, thank you, welcome and others
  • Track bulk letters and emails sent via marketing tools and reports
  • Login / Logout from your CustomerConnect web site
  • User definable types

Along with tracking this information you also have the ability to search and print a specific conversation or the entire history of conversations with the customer. CRM gives your entire staff access to conversations with your customers eliminating the post it notes and notepad currently used to manage customer conversations.

Dry Cleaning Management Software

Issue Manager

Issue manager was created to provide your company the ability to keep track of day to day operational exceptions and task based processes. The issue manager assist's in processing claims, complaints, compliments and suggestions. It may also be used to track equipment maintenance and other operational to do's that require estimated times to complete or assigned tasks.

Features available when tracking a claim include:

  • Detailed garment description with integration to Orphaned Garment data base
  • Estimated value of garment gather at the time the claim is created
  • Notes when creating the issue
  • Notes when processing assigned tasks
  • Notes and summary detail when the claim is closed
  • Optional , required tasks associated with each process
  • Resolution status of claim
  • Details on how the claim was paid
  • Comparison of expected garment value and the value plaid
Dry Cleaning Management Software