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CustomerConnect - Web

Providing The Latest Web Technologies To Your Customers

CustomerConnect - Web, provides technology to your customer no matter what services they may be using. Simplify customer interaction with retail, route, A/R and credit card on file features.

CustomerConnect provides functionality via default templates that are configured with the Spot configuration tool. You may also choose to create your own custom interface for the web or mobile app by implementing and integrating with the SPOT API.

CustomerConnect Features


  • Secure Login - Login with confidence using SSL security with verification link
  • Configuration - Enable or disable the features that you need to run your business
  • Customize - Customize the look, feel and functionality options of the interface for integration with your current web site
  • Your Server or Ours - You may host CustomerConnect on your web site or SBS web servers. SSL certificate is required

Counter / Route Customer

  • Garment Search - Search for garments by item, color, pattern, brand including invoice history
  • Update Information - Customer can update personal information including phone, address(s), billing address, email address, preferences, credit card on file and password
  • Visual Invoice - Selectively display the invoice price, comments and item comments on the visual invoice for customer review
  • Referral Source - Capture a referral source at the time the customer signs up
  • Customer Information - Update address(s), phone(s), email, password, credit card on file and store notifications
  • Order Status - Look at detailed, racked or sold orders with date range. Integrates with live SPOT data for a real-time view of order status and content
  • Garment Search - Search for garments that have been processed at the customer's drycleaner. Search criteria includes garment type, color, patter and brands
  • Credit Card On File - Easy access to create or update current CCOF or create a new CCOF by the customer
  • "Message the Manager" - Your customers will use a form based request that is sent directly to your managers SPOT messaging in box

Route Customer

  • Schedule Pickup / Cancelation Requests - Customer create pickup and cancelation requests with selectable dates based on stop information
  • Pickup Zone Validation - When a new customer signs up you can now validate they live in an area that you service

Accounts Receivable Customer

  • Make a Payment - If the customer is an active Accounts receivable customer payments may be made on the account via the credit card on file or any other credit card
  • Review Statement - If the customer is an active accounts receivable customer they may review statements, current activity not posted to a statement and the current aged balance of the account and invoice details
  • Sub Accounts - Your customers can review sub account details and visual invoices by logging into the master accounts profile. This eliminates the need to send printed statements or copies of invoices
  • Hotel Customers - Review orders via CustomerConnect, details include the customer name and room number. This eliminates the need to send printed statements or copies of invoices

Sample CustomerConnect Site

Please contact Sales via email or by phone at 801-208-2212 for further information and pricing. Please take some time and review the information and screen shots below for more details on our latest CustomerConnect features.

Login Page

Customer uses email address and password/last 4 digits of phone number to login. Customers also have the ability to "Sign-up" as a new customer.

Order Status Page (Ready)

Customer can review in process orders that have a quick, detailed, ready or sold status.

Order Status Page (Picked Up)

Customer can review orders that have been picked up by date range.

Visual Invoice

Available from any invoice link from any page including order status, garment search, current activity and statement review.

Route - Schedule Pickup / Cancelation

Enable this feature for route customers only, non-route customers or disable this feature from customer use.

Customer Information

Allow your customer to modify information contained in SPOT (configurable by you).

Make Payment

Allow a customer to make a payment to the A/R account with current CCOF or other credit card.

Review Statement

Allow your customers to review a current or past statement with updates to current activity not posted to a statement. This is a review of the 3-13-2006 statement.

Kiosk Customer Lookup

Provide customers easy access to your kiosk or front counter customer lookup.

Gift Card

Display current gift card number(s) and balance(s).

Contact the Manager

Direct integration with Spot messaging system to either a single person or group.