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CustomerConnect - AutoDial

Automated Solution For Customers

SPOT offers an automated solution to notify and remind route customers of upcoming scheduled pickups via a telephone call. The automation also offers reminder calls for orders that are late for pickup at your retail counter. Here is a list of features available with our integrated Telephony service.

Customized Calling

  • Use a professional voice or record your own voice
  • Define the time and day's calls are made
  • Up to 50,000 phone calls per hour capacity
  • Caller ID number defined by you
  • Filters out duplicate phone numbers
  • Calling rules for calls that are not answered, busy or answered by message recorder
  • Use integrated data lists found in SPOT data base
  • Call lists automatically updated as customers are added or modified in SPOT
  • Optionally upload custom dialing lists
  • Disable calls via custom holiday schedule

Call Types

  • Route reminders that call the night before a scheduled pickup
  • Late for pickup call reminders for 30, 60 and 90 day old inventory
  • Custom Non-Delivery notices due to weather alerts, holiday greeting and special announcements
  • New alert type will be added in the future


  • Automated daily, weekly and monthly usage reporting delivered via email
  • Summary reports by day, week or month showing number of calls attempted, completed and invalid numbers
  • Track call status for each attempt
    • Length of call
    • Busy signal
    • No answer
    • Answered by person
    • Answered by voice mail device
    • Invalid voice mail device
    • Invalid Number
    • Disconnected Number


  • $99 per month for the first 500 minutes of calls
  • 12ยข per minute beyond 500 minutes
  • Calls billed in 6 second increments
  • $99 setup fee


  • Works with SPOT hosting and standalone systems
  • No extra equipment needed to make calls
  • No extra phone lines needed to make calls
  • No need to export customer lists to third party device