Preferred Partners

SPOT Business Systems has teamed with "Preferred" partners that work closely with you, the SPOT customer to provide "Best of Class" services to your business. These vendors are used every day by SPOT Business Systems and SPOT users around the world and have proven themselves as true "Partners" in the success of your business.  They have proven to be "Best of Class" by providing outstanding performance, tools and support making your business run more efficiently.  

These vendors assist SPOT Business Systems in creating the ideal operating environment for your business and will prove to be invaluable partners to you and your business. 

 Vendors are not listed in any specific order.

Computype Inc.

The last thing that you want to think about is garment tracking.  Computype offers worry-free identification products designed to reduce time, cost, and more importantly eliminate labeling errors.  Computype delivers the most effective data collection and garment marking solutions available. Our customized label materials and adhesives are designed to withstand the harsh environments associated with numerous dry-cleaning and laundry processes.  We give our customers the option to buy pre-printed labels or printing systems for on-site label printing.  Below are a few examples to help make your garment process more efficient,

  • Provide label printers capable of producing the barcode label you need with custom software to optimize process performance
  • Label stock matched with the best ribbon ink to ensure image durability
  • Engineering services available for custom labeling solutions
  • We have a number of material and ribbon options for garment marking from heat seal labels to dry cleaning tags (no adhesive).
  • We have specialty in other industries beyond dry-cleaning – Laboratory, Library, Tire Manufacturing, Automotive, and Blood Banking.  This translates to better engineered products for your business.

Computype Inc.
Jason Halling
Regional Sales Manager
11977 Golden Stone Cir
Riverton, UT 84096
Phone: 801-253-8119

Epson America

Epson offers the most reliable line of printers available in the POS market.  Westgate has been affiliated with Epson for 16 years and reached the "Acclaimed" vendor status four years ago placing Westgate among the elite of Epson resellers.   When you think of quality printers that bring both performance and affordability, Epson in the choice.


A manufacturer of garment conveyors that will allow you to automate all aspects of your operation.  We currently support Metal Progetti with a 24-hour delivery conveyor, auto assembly, distribution and order delivery.  Metal Progetti has proven over the past four years that they have what it takes to install a partial or fully automated plant.  For more information on conveyor systems contact:

MetalProgetti USA
Frank Dubasik
Phoenix, AZ
(623) 205-9986

MetalProgetti Italy
Max Calisti
Via A. Morettini, 53
06128  Perugia, Italy



eCard Systems

eCard Systems is an experienced, market-proven supplier of gift cards, gift card packaging, loyalty cards, key tags and a wide variety of card-based marketing products. Production has been optimized to allow both small, single-location merchants and franchise companies with hundreds of locations to cost-effectively implement a variety of highly-profitable card programs and promotional card campaigns.

eCard Systems, Inc.
7109 Bakers Bridge Avenue
Brentwood, TN 37027

eCard Systems

The Route Pro

Your Best Route To Success

The Route Pro system works. It is the 21st century and dry cleaners are required more than ever to have a successful delivery program and no one does it better than The Route Pro. James Peuster enters his 11th year of consulting and has all the tools, techniques and tricks to drive your sales, retention and leadership team to build profitable routes. SPOT created specific route marketing reports to further assist James and his crew in measuring your success, one stop at a time. 

James Peuster
The Route Pro - Consultant
 (877) DR-ROUTE (877) 377-6883 EXT 2



We did not invent assembly conveyors; we just made them affordable.

If you have ever considered automating your assembly area, but found it too expensive, think again.

Quicksort, a designer and manufacturer of automated assembly conveyors, brings you an efficient, space saving, automated assembly option that won’t break the bank. Our system, with its proprietary software, makes short order out of assembly. Barcode technology coupled with a versatile assembly conveyor will reduce your labor and increase your accuracy. Today more than ever, your profits are driven by labor. Decreasing labor costs, increasing accuracy, reducing the assembly area and consistently capturing upcharges -- four great reasons to think again about automating your assembly. 

Why assemble any other way when you can QuickSort?


Brett McLeod




Christopher White

With over 13 years experience in the dry cleaning industry Chris possesses the expertise to develop and manage physical plants, implement retail locations, and configure productive routes. He has an extensive knowledge of textile cleaning and finishing techniques and is a recognized industry leader in this area.  In addition, Chris has a vast knowledge of various operational systems, database management software, staff development techniques and excels at organizational team building. He is available to provide these services anywhere in the world and welcomes the opportunity and challenge your business may offer. 
Chris began his career in the dry cleaning industry at an equipment company. In 1997, after several promotions within the equipment company, he was offered a position with Madame Paulette in New York City.  In his role as Director of Operations with Madame Paulette, Chris was able to work with garments from the most exclusive design houses and cater to a clientele second to none.  Chris was instrumental in developing the first ever touring division for off site dry cleaning.
Under his tenure Madame Paulette was recognized by New York Magazine in its annual “Best of New York” issue four times and was awarded the “Best of the Best of the World” in 2002 by the Robb Report. Among those and other accolades, Madame Paulette was recognized as one of “America’s Best Cleaners”, an independent dry cleaner ratings organization

For more information you may contact Chris at

Effective Solutions, Inc.
Christopher White
11655 A Ficus St.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410
Phone (917) 749-5021
Fax     (718) 857-2755





ELO Touch Systems

Elo TouchSystems, the global leader in touch technology, develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of touch screen and touch monitor products. Elo offers the largest selection of touchscreen technologies, CRT touchmonitors, and LCD touch monitors and carefully designs each product for the demanding requirements of diverse applications, such as industrial, medical, POS, kiosks, retail, hospitality, transportation, office automation, and gaming.

Elo founders invented the touchscreen over 35 years ago. Since then, customers have used Elo touchscreens with one common, powerful result—advanced computer technology simplified for all users.

Contact SPOT Sales for more information or visit


PayPros is a payment technology company, dedicated to delivering an innovative, secure and fully supported payment solution. We support this vision with the PayPros Solutions family of products and services, a comprehensive array of customized tools, applications and valuable services for businesses. It’s why–since 1995–nearly 56,000 businesses process with PayPros. 

For more information about Paypros merchant services, contact: 

8200 Central Avenue
Newark, CA  94560


 Paymover Credit Card Processing by Payment Processing Inc.






The Digital Ranch

The Digital Ranch offers web site design and implementation for any size business.  Customers range from single employee cyber shops to large automobile manufactures.  The Digital Ranch came on board as a preferred vender in November of 2004 as the choice for web development and integration for your stand alone web site, sites integrated with SPOT and the site.  For more information please contact:

The Digital Ranch
Susan Jensen
1354 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT  84106

Ink Strokes

Dry Cleaning Labels: Heat Seal & Nylon Labels- Ink Strokes Inc. has spent 2 years developing Dry Cleaning Labels with MAXIMUM DURABILITY that will NOT FADE or WASH OUT and are compatible with SPOT Business Systems ItemTrac.

The marriage of our white nylon media, special formulated ribbon and printer gives this label the ability to withstand all washing techniques, including PERC!

Our special formulated ribbon is able to withstand harsh chemicals and have a CLEAR READABLE BARCODE at the end of each process. This label allows you to work in a fast and more efficient manner saving you money.

We offer Heat Seal & Nylon Labels in ANY SIZE: blank, pre-printed, and also with colored boarders to help you identify the day a garment has been brought into your facility. You can also use this color system to identify special washing techniques such as fire restoration items.

Ink Strokes Inc. has been in the labeling/bar-coding business for over 26 years and is located in Georgia. We are specialist in determining effective ribbon/ label and adhesives to meet our customer needs for almost any application.

Ink Strokes Inc. Inc offers SPOT compatible ItemTrac labels in a basic blank label or preprinted. Our Customer Service is the BEST in the Industry. Our highest goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver what you need to succeed.

Please give me a call at (678) 714-8035 if you would like Ink Strokes Inc. to send a printed label for testing in your dry cleaning facility.

Karen Seale 
SVP Sales & Marketing
1717 Bakers Mill Road
Dacula, GA 30019

Phone: 678-714-8035
Fax: 678-714-0379

Ink Strokes - ItemTrac compatible labels

The Zenger Group

The Zenger Group has teamed with SPOT Buinsess Systems to provides mailing and printing services to SPOT users.  These services include StatemementPro, an automated process that eliminates your time and energy in mailing statements.  StatementPro eliminates the need for printing, stuffing, sealing and reduces the cost of postage.  This is done with a seamless integration from SPOT to Zenger Group headquarters in Buffalo, New York.


Please contact The Zenger group for more information

The Zenger Group
Dave Zenger
525 Hertel Avenue
P.O Box 647
Buffalo, NY  14207-0647

800.876.2440 ext. 1130

HMC Solutions

The Ultimate in 24/7 Customer Drop-off/Pick-up and affordable Auto Assembly systems….

HMC Solutions helps clients simplify their daily dry cleaning operation through automation.  HMC is committed to producing innovative dry cleaning systems that are appealing, affordable, and user friendly, while providing clients with technology, service, and support that will ensure dependable operation.  For more information on systems contact:

HMC Solutions
Little Rock, AR
(501) 255-0498


Ed D’Elicio

With more than 25 years in the industry Ed has what it takes to assist
you to grow your business with expertiese in many areas of the industry.

1966-1970 New York City school teacher

1970-1974 Partner in a 14 store chain of tuxedo shops

1974 – 1994 Owned and operated a few drycleaning plants one of them being one of the largest drycleaning plants in the State of Florida (14,000 sq ft) -- cover story of the October ’94 issue of the American Drycleaner magazine – The Plant of the Future

  • First major route operator (5 routes) in Palm Beach County primarily serving Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, Singer Island, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.
  • Concurrently owned and operated one the largest tailor shops in South Florida (seven full time tailors)

1985-1986 (1 year and 3 months) Operated as interim President of a large industrial laundry (37,000 sq ft) as a potential buyer, after seller became very ill (decided not to purchase).  Consultant for the past ten years

  • In-house consultant and Vice President for a drycleaning POS computer company (DCCS) for three years
  • Independent consultant for the past seven years
  • Consulted to some of the largest independent drycleaners in the country
  • Operated cost/management groups
  • Hangers Cleaners – Consultant -- two one year contracts (24 weeks per year)
  • Monarch Natural Cleaners – Consultant -- two one year contracts (26 weeks per year)

Seminars – conducted a series of seminars across the United States on various topics -- primarily starting and developing routes -- also drycleaning automation, financial analysis, computer integration, etc

Plant Design – over 50 designs in the last five years. Some examples

  • Jones Cleaning Centers, Fresno, CA (7500 Sq ft) **Received award from the American Drycleaner for Best Plant Design -- 2004
  • Rey’s Cleaners, Miami, FL (32,000 sq ft)
  • Monarch Natural Cleaners, Camden, NJ (16000 Sq ft)
  • Fabricare Cleaners, Norwalk, CT (8000 sq ft)
  • Platinum Dry Cleaners, Naples, FL (8000 sq ft)
  • French Cleaners, W. Hartford, CT (5500 sq ft)

Computer integration and garment tracking

  • Currently integrating RFID technology and computerized conveyor systems into plant design
    Systems development
  • Develop systems for tracking and monitoring work flow, productivity and timeliness while maintaining lot integrityFinancial analysis

Analyze Profit and Loss statements (P&L) to identify problem areas in the operational aspects of the business.

  • Set up the templates for the Chart of Accounts to help clients better understand the accounting segment of their business.
  • Business valuations - Value businesses for sale, purchase, partnership buyouts, etc. Have valued over tens of millions of dollars worth of business over the past few years


  • Help identify, evaluate and structure acquisitions. Have directed and supervised the acquisitions of businesses ranging from $700,000 to $2.8M
  • Route development and marketing
  • Establish routes within a demographic area and show ownership how to operate, market, and map them, etc.
  • Executive Director of America’s Best Cleaners
  • Founder and operator of an organization for the top cleaners in various Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the US. To be a affiliate one must meet a rigorous set of criteria – essentially placing that cleaner at the highest level within its marketplace. Seen at

For more information you may contact Ed at

Effective Solutions, Inc.
Ed D'Elicio
11655 A Ficus St.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410
(561) 301-0431
(561) 694-8414 (Cell)

The Marketing Shop

Need assistance in acquiring and keeping customers?  The Marketing Shop can be of assistance.  Renee and Howard have put together comprehensive marketing plans for both retention and customer acquisition.  Teamed with integration with SPOT these services will make your business grow.  For more information on The Marketing Shop contact:

The Marketing Shop
Renee Cosworth
6784 Stanhope Way
Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 387-9277

Craft Training Partners

If you are looking for SPOT training and implementation assistance let Craft Training Partners assist you.  They have been a user of SPOT for four years and have contracted with many of the largest franchise firms in the country for training and implementation of franchise operations including CSR, management, owner and complete plant operations.  For more information on Craft Training Partners please contact:

Craft Training Partners
Lorrie Hones Janick
225 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ  08542
(609) 610-1723

RESPONSE Agency, Inc.

Keep your best customers and grow more like them!

Let’s be honest, most customers can barely distinguish between you and your competitors.  It’s easy to lose them to other cleaners.  In fact, you’re losing loads of money each year to customer attrition.  But you don’t have to.  Genuine, personal communication will strengthen your customer relationships — and increase your profits dramatically.

With RESPONSE CRM from RESPONSE Agency, Inc. you can easily distinguish yourself from your competition and strengthen your client relationships. 

RESPONSE CRM is a sophisticated, powerful program designed to:   

1) Retain your best customers with strengthened customer relations,
2) Cross-sell products to make profitable customers even more profitable, and
3) Reduce attrition by encouraging your most profitable customers to stay with you. 

 Why should you use RESPONSE CRM?
It works.  Other cleaners, just like you, are using our tested system and seeing the results ring in the cash register. 

Our three-tier approach to Customer Relationship Management provides crucial personal contact at the most critical stages of relationship development: the initial contact, at regular intervals during the relationship, and when business begins to drop.

Welcome packages - Personalized letters welcoming new customers and validating their decision to use your services. Special offers reward them for their initial business and encourage them to come again.

Bonding packages - Your choice of personalized letters providing helpful tips along with offers designed to bond customers to you and encourage them to come again.

Come back packages - Personalized letters designed to discover why customers haven’t returned, compelling offers to motivate them to return, and invitations to come back.  (Those who come back are then sent the welcome package, and the process begins again.)

We’ll run your program for you with our proven system — so you won’t lose money on costly software or invest hours learning a new program.  Our in-house analytics expert will work directly with you to track your ROI to the penny.

If you’re ready to reduce attrition …  increase sales … reduce acquisition costs … retain your top-tier customers … turn second-tier customers into top-tier customers … re-acquire lost customers … all while tracking your ROI to the penny — contact us today.

Prospecting packages are also available
If you would also like our custom prospecting packages, designed to grow your customer base and pull new customers into your CRM program, we’re happy to help.  Contact us today for more information.

Response Agency, Inc.

7050 Union Park Avenue #420
Midvale, Utah 84047