Active Vision Inc.

Active Vision is dedicated to providing leading-edge Digital Video Technology for the "Remote Business Management" and surveillance markets

We develop, integrate and sell high-value video and surveillance solutions that help both large and small businesses improve operational efficiencies, increase revenues and enhance and improve the quality of life of business owners, employees and customers. We specialize in delivering Real time remote video business management, property monitoring and surveillance solutions in applications such as dry cleaners, laundromats, production facilities, retail and warehouse security, just to name a few.

Our remote video viewing solutions are designed to operate over existing phone lines and DSL / Cable broadband networks. Who's watching over your business when you're not there? You are, with Active Vision!

Take the first step towards personal freedom and improve your business efficiency. We are convinced that your return in higher productivity, reduction in theft and well deserved personal freedom will be many times the system cost of a few dollars a day.

"We offer affordable peace of mind"

Active Vision Inc.
711 Koehler Ave. Suite #6
Ronkonkoma, NY. 11779
Phone: (631) 585-0088


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