Clearent FAQ

Please review the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Clearent aquasition of SPOT Business Systems.

+ When will the purchase of SPOT be finalized?

+ Will SPOT move its headquarters from its current Draper, Utah location?

+ What changes will we see in the way SPOT does business as a result of the sale?

+ Who will be running SPOT now?

+ Why did the owners of SPOT sell?

+ What was the purchase price Clearent paid for SPOT?

+ What opportunity did Clearent see in the purchase of SPOT?

+ Will Clearent have representation on SPOT’s leadership team moving forward?

+ Will Clearent send someone to Utah to run SPOT?

+ Is Clearent planning additional acquisitions? If so, in what areas? Focusing on what industries?

+ What is Clearent’s end-goal for SPOT?

+ Will Clearent change any aspect of the way SPOT does business?

+ Why did Clearent focus on the Dry-Cleaning Industry?