Spot History and Future

What is Spot?

SPOT Business Systems has created the most powerful tool to help you deal with the day-to-day operational problems of your drycleaning business. SPOT is designed to take advantage of the power of the latest technologies and the Internet ... taking your business into the future of electronic commerce.

The market has long been familiar with our DOS-based SPOT Classic.  Released to the market in 1991 it is the brother of the current Windows-based SPOT product.  In 1997, SPOT embarked on creating a new product with the lineage of our SPOT Classic product in a true Windows interface.  This thinking required us to create a completely new design, thought process and code-base to have SPOT run natively in a Windows environment.  Today we support the latest Microsoft technologies including Windows 8.x and 2012 R2 and SQL 2014 with a future plan of supporting future technologies as they become available. 

Since it's release in 1998 and years of development the Windows version of SPOT is integrated with the best that technology has to offer.  This technology assists you from the simple front counter operations to the advanced production controls built into SPOT.

Why is Spot Different?

Ever since our original SPOT Classic product was introduced in 1991 Spot Business Systems has aimed at being different from all other software vendors in this market. We have always taken a fresh look at the usage of software and automation in your environment.  This showed with a quick rise in users of our Classic product in the '90's and is true today with our current version of SPOT.  Since the inception of our current product back in 1997 we wanted to leverage the use of current technology to deliver our product and services.  Released in 2000 our most current version of SPOT will put many invaluable features at your fingertips.

SPOT has the features you are looking for from simple operation by the user, detailed reporting for production and accounting, retention marketing, customer service features all with enterprise class configuration options.  All features are based upon a current technology model that will allow you to scale SPOT from a single-user system to a 10,000-user enterprise on the most current technologies provided by Microsoft, Citrix and other leading manufactures.  These are the same technologies used in all of the fortune 100 companies in America.  We are not based on technology left over from the '80's or '90's like our competitors!

Since the inception of our Windows based product we have a combined 86 man years of development in SPOT. This comes from having five full time developers on the product. SPOT has evolved to become the leading software provider in this industry by quality development based on the input of our user.  Spot Business Systems holds regular user's conferences and specialty feature meetings, we conduct on site visits and we request user input on existing and upcoming features all in an effort to make SPOT the most powerful and easy to use system available.

Contact Sales

If you are a single user to a large enterprise, SPOT can run your operation.  Please spend some time and review more features and information by navigating the menu.  We look forward to your questions and comments.  You can contact us by email at or by calling 801-208-2212.